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About You

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Perhaps you find yourself standing at a crossroads, surrounded by endless possibilities, yet struggling to discern the path that aligns with your envisioned life.

You may be here seeking support to navigate a significant life or career transition, embark on a new entrepreneurial venture, or elevate an existing business to new heights. Perhaps you're longing to gain clarity on your vision, determine actionable steps, or cultivate greater harmony in your life.

Or perhaps you are a Soulful Seeker

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The Soulful Seeker

The Soulful Seeker embodies a unique blend of qualities and characteristics that align with my SOJOURN Coaching Model and my focus on transpersonal, transformational, and spiritual integration coaching.

Soulful Seekers are intentional, intelligent, and proactive. Their quest is to profoundly understand themselves, their inner world, motivations, and their compass. They possess an inspiring capacity for introspection. Soulful Seekers recognize that they hold the key to the door that has kept them isolated from their dreams and are ready to take inspired action.


While they might face major setbacks, confusing results, or life-transforming circumstances, Seekers are ready to turn fear into F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise).

Independent of life circumstances and the reasons for seeking coaching services, six main characteristics make the Soulful Seeker my ideal client.

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