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  • How does life coaching differ from therapy?
    Coaches do not offer mental health treatment or intervention, do not work with matters related to past traumas, and are generally not trained or experienced in addressing such diagnoses. If you have unresolved mental health and/or substance use diagnoses or trauma, it may be beneficial to work with a therapist to address those areas and hire a coach to help you with other aspects of your life. As coaches, we focus on the present and your future goals. Our role is to assist you in designing a better life and establishing personal, professional, and spiritual objectives to achieve your desired lifestyle. Most coaching clients are healthy and prosperous individuals who may feel stuck or want a significant change. They may seek the support of a coach to clarify their goals, align their values, and progress toward the life they want. Similarly, many of us work with a coach, a therapist, and other professionals to ensure our needs are met in every area of existence. If you are curious whether coaching is a good choice for you, book a complimentary discovery call, and I will be happy to help you decide the best course of action.
  • How are your coaching sessions structured?
    My coaching sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes. Each session is different, even when working with the same clients for a long time. While I follow a session structure, I am also a big proponent of following the client's energy and respecting the process. Generally speaking, and depending on the client's needs and preferences, a session might start with a centering or meditation, followed by a revision of the Call Prep Form, which my clients fill out and submit via email at least 48 hours before each session and the establishment of the session focus or goal. During the session, we might discuss any homework the client completed between sessions, the results of any assessments, and the significance of the session's goal. Together, we will identify any potential roadblocks and the ways to work through them. Every session will end with the identification of takeaways by the client and any steps or actions the client will take between sessions.
  • Can I hire you for a special project or to work on a short-term goal?
    Yes, you can. Some clients hire me to help them achieve a specific objective or project. Many clients continue working with me after accomplishing their initial goals because there are even more exciting things to do! If you have a project that requires your total energy and attention, book a 30-minute complimentary discovery call to discuss your options, or book our 2-hour in-depth Breakthrough Blueprint, and let's take it from there.
  • Why would people who are already successful hire a life or spiritual integration coach?
    There are various reasons to hire a coach. Many people today seek assistance from a coach to navigate the complexities of modern life. In the past, most people were satisfied with a job that paid their bills or lives that accommodated social conventions. Nowadays, most of us desire to live more fulfilling existences that align with our values and allow us to express our authentic selves. This desire for personal fulfillment and financial independence has increased the demand for life coaching services.
  • Why does life coaching produce such rapid change?
    Life coaching can be effective for several reasons. The collaboration between a coach and a client can create momentum and enthusiasm, leading to better goal-setting that naturally motivates the client. Coaching also provides a support structure, as left to their own devices, most people may encounter roadblocks that can derail their progress. An accredited life coach can help the client quickly overcome these obstacles and achieve success with less struggle and effort in a remarkably short period. Another benefit of coaching is objectivity. The coach can provide objective, positive support, which can be hard to find in friends or colleagues. If you have been working towards your goals alone, consider how much more you can achieve with a coach's help.
  • What is Not the role of the coach?
    A coach's role is not to advise but to believe that the client already has the answers and the ability to find them. A good coach operates as a good listener with a beginner's mindset. A coach does not rescue the client but instead coaches them without becoming a crutch. A coach refrains from getting involved in the client's problems but rather sets the agenda for the client. A coach does not judge the coachee or their specific challenges. Lastly, a good coach refrains from dictating the solution or timing of the coachee's journey.
  • What is an accountability partner in coaching?
    Accountability is a crucial principle in coaching and goal-setting. A coach who prioritizes being an accountability partner is a knowledgeable ally and a compassionate companion on your coaching journey. During the coaching process, an accountability partner helps with goal-setting and motivates the coachee to progress toward achieving these goals by providing sincere acknowledgment, support, and encouragement. And, sometimes, a kick in the pants.
  • Do you work with families and couples?
    The short answer is No. While coaching aims to assist you in creating balance and harmony in all life domains, I focus my work on you and your contributions to the health and wellness of your personal and professional relationships. I will be happy to refer you out for couples or family therapy if we agree that doing so is the best option for you while we continue to work on your goals.
  • What is Adaptive Integrative Coaching
    Adaptive Integrative Coaching is a coaching process that is tailored to an individual or organization's unique needs and circumstances. It involves combining various coaching methodologies and techniques to create a flexible and customized experience. The term "adaptive" suggests that the coaching process is responsive to changes and obstacles, adjusting as needed to address evolving goals, needs, and circumstances. On the other hand, "integrative" implies incorporating different coaching models, theories, and tools to provide a holistic and well-rounded coaching experience. The goal of adaptive integrative coaching is to be highly personalized and adaptable, drawing from diverse coaching approaches to meet the client's specific requirements. Depending on the client or organization's goals and needs, this coaching process may involve aspects such as goal setting, performance improvement, skill development, and psychological support.
  • What makes Adaptive Integrative Coaching effective?
    Several critical elements designed to make your coaching journey genuinely transformative are at the heart of the success and effectiveness of Adaptive Integrative Coaching. Tailored Approach Imagine a coaching experience crafted exclusively for you or your organization, aligning precisely with your unique needs and goals. Adaptive Integrative Coaching ensures that every piece of guidance is relevant and directly applicable to your evolving needs and priorities. Flexibility In your dynamic journey, goals and circumstances constantly evolve. Our flexible coaching approach allows us to adapt strategies, techniques, and focus areas as your journey unfolds. This flexibility enriches your experience, ensuring it remains consistently impactful. Holistic Perspective Experience a coaching framework seamlessly integrating diverse methodologies, offering a comprehensive view of your personal, professional, and spiritual development. We strategically address every facet of your growth journey, recognizing the interconnectedness of various elements. This holistic perspective enhances your overall well-being and success. Client-Centered Focus Your perspective, needs, and objectives take center stage. Adaptive Integrative Coaching strongly emphasizes understanding your unique context. This client-centered approach ensures that every coaching intervention aligns seamlessly with your values and aspirations. Continuous Improvement Our commitment to your success does not end; it evolves. Our adaptable approach allows for ongoing feedback and adjustments, ensuring your coaching experience remains adequate and relevant throughout your journey. Integration of Expertise Diverse coaching models and techniques allow us to leverage a broad spectrum of expertise. This is particularly valuable when tackling complex obstacles that demand multiple perspectives. Enhanced Problem-Solving We are equipped with a versatile toolkit that combines various coaching tools and methodologies for effective problem-solving. This diversity enables us to address various issues and obstacles that may arise during the coaching experience. Resilience Cultivation Our coaching fosters resilience in individuals and organizations. As a client, you will learn to navigate change more effectively and emerge stronger from obstacles. Long-Term Sustainability Think beyond quick fixes. Our holistic and personalized approach ensures the sustainability of your growth development, setting the stage for long-term success. Empowerment Your coaching experience is uniquely tailored to your context, empowering you to take ownership of your journey and development. Empowerment becomes a driving force behind your sustained success.
  • How does Adaptive Integrative Coaching Work with the SOJOURN Coaching Model?
    The collaboration between Adaptive Integrative Coaching and the SOJOURN Coaching Model creates a dynamic and enriching coaching experience, seamlessly integrating the critical constructs of self-discovery, objective-setting, journey mapping, overcoming obstacles, unleashing potential, reflection and adaptation, and new beginnings. Understanding the SOJOURN Coaching Model With its distinct phases, the SOJOURN Coaching Model provides a structured framework for the coaching journey. Alignment with Adaptive Integrative Coaching Adaptive Integrative Coaching seamlessly aligns with each construct of the SOJOURN model, offering a tailored and flexible approach to addressing the unique aspects of each phase. Self-Discovery and Tailored Interventions In the self-discovery phase, where individuals explore and gain an understanding of themselves, Adaptive Integrative Coaching tailors interventions to facilitate profound self-insights and ensures that the coaching process aligns with the individual’s unique self-discovery journey. Objective-Setting and Flexibility During the objective-setting phase, Adaptive Integrative Coaching allows for adapting strategies and techniques, ensuring that objectives are aligned with the individual’s evolving goals and priorities. Journey Mapping and Reflective Integration The Journey Mapping phase benefits from the holistic perspective of Adaptive Integrative coaching. Integrating diverse methodologies contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the journey, fostering deeper insights and growth. Overcoming Obstacles and Enhanced Problem-Solving When it comes to overcoming obstacles, Adaptive Integrative coaching equips individuals with a versatile toolkit for problem-solving, ensuring that obstacles become opportunities for growth during the coaching journey. Unleashing Potential and Integration of Expertise In the phase of unleashing potential, Adaptive Integrative Coaching draws from diverse coaching models and techniques, allowing the coach to leverage a broad spectrum of expertise to unlock and maximize individual potential. Reflect and Adapt and Continuous Improvement The SOJOURN model’s reflective phase aligns with the continuous improvement aspect of Adaptive Integrative Coaching. This cyclical nature ensures that the coaching experience evolves in response to feedback and insights gained through reflection. New Beginnings and Empowerment Finally, as individuals embark on new beginnings, Adaptive Integrative Coaching tailors the coaching experience to empower individuals to take ownership of their journey and development and ensure that the new beginnings are aligned with their unique context and aspirations.
  • You say there is seamless alignment between Adaptive Integrative Coaching and each construct of the SOJOURN coaching model. What do you mean by that?
    This statement emphasizes the harmonious integration of Adaptive Integrative Coaching with the constructs of the SOJOURN model, creating a cohesive and synchronized coaching experience. This is how: Harmonious Integration The term seamlessly aligns and indicates a natural and smooth integration between Adaptive Integrative Coaching and each construct of the SOJOURN model. This integration ensures that the principles and methodologies of both approaches work together cohesively, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the coaching journey. Tailored Approach: Adaptive Integrative Coaching offers a tailored and flexible approach. This means the coaching process is customized to fit the individual's unique needs, preferences, and goals. At each phase of the SOJOURN model, the coaching approach can be adapted to address the nuances relevant to that particular journey stage. Addressing Unique Aspects of Each Phase The statement emphasizes that Adaptive Integrative Coaching is designed to address the unique aspects of each phase within the SOJOURN model. This implies that the coaching process is not a one-size-fits-all solution but is carefully adjusted to meet the distinct requirements and objectives of self-discovery, objective-setting, journey mapping, overcoming obstacles, unleashing potential, reflection and adaptation, and new beginnings. Flexibility in Methodologies The flexibility of Adaptive Integrative Coaching ensures that a diverse range of coaching methodologies and techniques can be seamlessly incorporated into the coaching journey. This flexibility allows the coach to adapt their approach based on the client's progress, feedback, and the specific challenges and opportunities presented at each phase of the SOJOURN model. Holistic Support Integrating with Adaptive Integrative Coaching means individuals receive holistic support throughout their journey. Whether navigating obstacles, setting meaningful objectives, or reflecting on progress, the coaching process addresses the surface-level challenges and the deeper, interconnected aspects of personal and professional development.
  • Would you please define spiritual integration coaching?
    Spiritual Integration Coaching is an approach to coaching that recognizes and incorporates the spiritual dimension of an individual's life into the coaching process. It goes beyond addressing only professional or personal goals, acknowledging the significance of spiritual beliefs, values, and practices in shaping a person's identity and purpose. Here are key elements that characterize Spiritual Integration Coaching: Spiritual Dimension This coaching approach acknowledges and respects individuals' spiritual dimensions. It recognizes that people have unique spiritual beliefs related to a specific religion, a broader sense of spirituality, or a personal connection to a higher purpose. Incorporation of Spiritual Values Spiritual Integration Coaching involves aligning coaching goals and strategies with an individual's spiritual values. It considers how spiritual beliefs influence aspirations, decision-making, and overall life direction. Meaning and Purpose Exploration The coaching process includes exploring the more profound meaning and purpose in an individual's life, often guided by their spiritual perspectives. This exploration helps individuals connect with a purpose that aligns with their spiritual values. Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Spiritual Integration Coaching recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. It goes beyond addressing mental and physical aspects to consider how spiritual well-being contributes to fulfillment and balance. Cultivation of Inner Awareness The coaching process may involve practices that promote inner awareness, mindfulness, and reflection, drawing from spiritual traditions. These practices help individuals deepen their understanding of themselves and their spiritual journey. Alignment with Personal Goals The coaching goals align with personal and spiritual aspirations. Spiritual Integration Coaching ensures that whether individuals seek growth in their careers, relationships, or personal development, these goals align with their spiritual beliefs. Values-Based Decision-Making An alignment with spiritual values guides decision-making. The coaching process supports individuals in making choices that resonate with their spiritual principles, fostering a sense of integrity and authenticity. Integration of Spiritual Practices Depending on the individual's preferences, Spiritual Integration Coaching may include integrating spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, or rituals. These practices contribute to a holistic approach to well-being. Exploration of Transcendent Experiences For some individuals, spiritual integration involves exploring transcendent experiences or moments of connection with something greater than oneself. This coaching process allows individuals to reflect on and integrate such experiences into their lives. Overall, Spiritual Integration Coaching recognizes the diversity of spiritual beliefs and practices, aiming to create a coaching experience that honors and integrates the spiritual dimension of an individual's journey. It provides a framework for individuals to align their goals, values, and sense of purpose with their spiritual perspectives, fostering a more holistic and fulfilling life.
  • Are you trained in spiritual traditions?
    Yes, as someone trained in transpersonal psychology, I was exposed to many spiritual traditions as part of my formal education. In my personal life, I do not practice any particular religion. However, I draw from a combination of spiritual traditions ranging from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Wicca, and Ancestor Reverence, among many others. I respect any and every spiritual expression that centers on the truth of the practitioner. I draw a clear, unmoving line and choose not to participate or take clients whose spiritual practice condones or invites any element of harm to humans or animals.
  • How can spiritual integration coaching benefit me?
    Spiritual integration coaching is designed to address a wide range of a person's needs. Some clients will look for any or all of the following (this list is by no means exhaustive): Self-Discovery Spiritual integration coaching helps you explore your beliefs, values, and purpose, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself. Clarity and Direction It can offer clarity on your life path, helping you set meaningful goals and make decisions aligned with your spiritual values. Stress Reduction Coaching can help manage stress, promote emotional well-being, and enhance resilience by incorporating spiritual practices and mindfulness. Improved Relationships Understanding your spiritual self can positively impact relationships by promoting empathy, compassion, and effective communication. Personal Growth The coaching process encourages personal development, supports overcoming challenges, breaks through limiting beliefs, and unlocks your full potential. Balance and Harmony Spiritual integration coaching assists in finding balance in various life areas, fostering a sense of harmony between your inner and outer worlds. Aside from all the benefits of traditional coaching, spiritual integration coaching provides a safe space for clients to explore areas of their lives that might be hidden from others due to stigma. Spiritual Awakening A spiritual awakening might mean rethinking your values, identity, and goals. In some cases, not having the support you need from those closest to you might represent an obstacle to your integration path. A spiritual integration coach offers the support, understanding, and neutrality to help you explore these areas of your life. Difficulty Integrating Changes Almost by design, a spiritual awakening might cause you to rethink who you are and the choices you have made thus. This shift might cause you to clash with your former vision of yourself and those around you. Communication from Loved on the "Other Side" It might be hard to talk about hearing, seeing, or sensing those who have crossed over. Our culture indicates that these are signs of mental illness. A spiritual integration coach can hold space for you to explore those encounters and help you make sense of their meaning and impact on your life. In some cases, speaking from experience, these communications, while disconcerting at first, have always brought about peace and understanding about the nature of life after death. Communication with Spiritual Beings/Guides It is not uncommon for individuals to recognize messages, guidance, intuition, or synchronicities that cannot be explained to those who might not believe in these communications. A spiritual integration coach will support you through the process of discerning what is true for you and your unique experience. Our job is to hold space for you to explore these messages and their meaning in your life.
  • Is spiritual integration coaching religious?
    Spiritual integration coaching is not inherently religious. Although spirituality and religion may intersect, they are distinct concepts. The primary focus of spiritual integration coaching is to help individuals explore and align with their sense of meaning, purpose, and connection to something greater than themselves. This can be achieved by exploring values, mindfulness, personal growth, and a sense of interconnectedness. Unlike religious coaching, which may be rooted in specific dogmas, doctrines, or belief systems associated with organized religions, spiritual integration coaching tends to be more inclusive and flexible. Coaches in this field respect and honor diverse spiritual beliefs and may draw upon universal spiritual principles that transcend any particular religious tradition. Individuals should communicate their preferences and beliefs to potential coaches when seeking spiritual integration coaching. This ensures a personalized and comfortable coaching experience. Spiritual integration coaching is about an individual's unique spiritual journey and growth, irrespective of a specific religious affiliation.
  • What should I expect in a typical spiritual integration coaching session?
    A spiritual integration coaching session follows the same structure as other forms of coaching. In the end, you determine the focus of the session, and we work on clarifying your needs and establishing a roadmap to attain your goals. It is not unusual to start the session with a centering practice, followed by establishing the session's focus based on what is most essential for you. An example of a session focus could be your desire to integrate mindfulness practice into your daily routine. For someone else, the focus might be communication with a deceased loved one. Yet, for someone else, the focus might be to discuss the difficulties inherent to a spiritual awakening.
  • I see you offer two lengths of services on your website. Are there any other options?
    Yes, there are other options. Our programs are designed to fit your unique needs and goals. Schedule a no-obligation, complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss how we can help you achieve success and the options available to you.
  • Do you offer group coaching?
    We have two major group types: 1. Awakening the Soul: A 12-Week SOJOURN to Self-Realization CoEd Group Small Group Format Enrollment will begin on February 15, 2024. 2. Sojourn Queens: Crowned in Courage, Reigning in Purpose Women Only Group Small Group Format Enrollment will begin on February 15, 2024. Please be on the look for our promotions!
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We offer payment plans. You can pay in full or in installments when you choose your program. You can pay us directly in installments using our flexible payment options. However, you can select the Pay in Full option and process your payment through either PayPal or After Pay. This way, you will get our discount for paying us in full while still getting the benefits of an installment plan through either payment processing service. If neither option works for you, book a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Call, and we will discuss your needs and the options we can offer.
  • I am not sure coaching is for me. Do you have exploratory options?
    We do. Our Breakthrough Blueprint option is a two-hour in-depth Discovery Call that aids us in better understanding your potential coaching journey, needs, and the outcomes you seek. If you choose to book a six- or twelve-month program, the cost of the Breakthrough call will be deducted from the total cost of your program.
  • Can I sign up for a program without a Discovery Call?
    The short answer to this question is Yes, you can! However, we will contact you to discuss your needs and inform you about the next steps. That way, you can ask questions about the process, chat with your coach, and book your first session.
  • Do you offer services in Spanish? ¿Ofreces servicios en español?
    Yes. Spanish is my first language, and I would love to chat with you about our services. We have been working on translating the page to Spanish, but Wix is not offering us alternatives to translate every single portion of the site. When this situation is resolved, you can access content in both English and Spanish. I am sorry for this delay. Sí. Español es mi lengua materna y me encantaría charlar contigo en ese idioma. Estamos en proceso de traducir la página a español, pero Wix no nos ofrece la posibilidad de traducir todas las secciones. En cuanto resolvamos esa situación, podrás leer todo nuestro contenido en ese idioma. Lamento la demora.
  • May I write to you in Spanish? ¿Te puedo escribir en español?
    Yes, feel free to write in Spanish. We will reply within 48 hours of receiving your message. Sí, por favor, siéntete en libertad de escribirnos en español. Te contactaremos en 48 horas o menos.
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