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Breakthrough Blueprint
An Immersive Discovery Call

Your 2-Hour Journey to Uncover Goals, Overcome Challenges, and Design Your Path to Transformation!


Let's create your personalized blueprint for unlocking your full potential and the life you have always envisioned.

The Experience

Dive deep into your potential with Breakthrough Blueprint—a power-packed, two-hour discovery call designed to illuminate your goals, conquer challenges, and architect a transformative path.


Uncover the layers of your aspirations, co-create personalized strategies, and embark on a journey where every moment is a step toward your extraordinary future.


This is not just a discovery call; it is your map to unlocking your best self.


The best part? If you discover that you are ready to enroll on a six- or twelve-month program, I will deduct the cost of this call from the total cost of your chosen journey.

What You Will Get


Neidy Lozada, MATP, ATCC, CSIC

Neidy brings over twenty years of experience in transpersonal practices, coaching, and business to her work with individuals from all over the globe. She is an adaptive integrative and spiritual integration coach who is passionate about helping people bring their vision to life.

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