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Choose Your Plan

If you don't see a plan that works for you, please get in touch with me. Limited Sliding Scale Spots Available.

Use Your Complimentary Discovery Call to Discuss the Option That Best Suits Your Needs.

  • Awakening The Soul

    Harnessing Inner Wisdom
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • One Payment of $684
    • Only $57 Per Two-Hour Session
    • Small Group Format
    • Embark on a transformative 12-week journey designed to awake
    • Clarify Personal Values, Beliefs, and Aspirations
    • Experience a Holistic Transformation
    • Align Actions with Values in Service of Life Harmony
  • Breakthrough Blueprint

    Your 2-Hour Journey to Uncover Goals, Overcome Challenges, and Design Your Path to Transformation!
    Valid for 30 days
    • Single Session - Great Way to Decide if Coaching is For You
    • Define Your Current Situation
    • Clarify Goals and Desires
    • Identify Potential Obstacles
    • Strengths and Resources Assessment
    • Co-Creation of Strategies
    • Program Overview and Customization
    • Questions and Answers
  • Soulful Queens

    A transformative 12-Week Journey Exclusively Crafted for Women!
    Valid for 3 months
    • $684 When Paid in Full
    • Only $57 Per Two-Hour Session
    • Small Group Format
    • Join a Global Community
    • Experience a Holistic Transformation
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