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Self-Discovery | Objective Setting | Journey Mapping | Overcoming Obstacles |
Unleashing Potential Reflect and Adapt | New Beginnings

Disclaimer: This model may not be replicated or used without written permission from its author.


Whether your goals are rooted in a pragmatic view of the world or the need for spiritual integration, self-discovery and self-awareness are central to the transformation process.


As we connect with your essence and the divinity within you, we will delve deep into your consciousness to explore your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, and behaviors, uncovering your coaching needs in the process.


Your values, strengths, and areas for growth are all part of the tapestry of your soul, and together, they will guide us on this journey.

All roads lead back to self-discovery, our trusted companion on this journey.


This phase will begin by solidifying your understanding of your values. The information we uncover will serve as the foundation to create a plan for achieving your goals beyond just setting objectives.

We will align your values with your short- and long-term objectives in various life domains. As our understanding evolves, your objectives will become more than just goals; they will be sacred intentions aligned with your spiritual purpose.


Each decision you make will be based on promoting healthy habits and aligning with your values.


Regular check-ins will aid you in tracking your progress, establishing priorities, and maintaining alignment with your soul's purpose.

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is a technique that involves visually documenting your life experiences, challenges, successes, and personal growth. It is an effective tool for self-reflection and self-discovery. 


We will create a customized map that aligns with your spiritual truth. This transcendent map will include specific action steps infused with transpersonal symbolism and divine timing.

By analyzing your journey, you can identify patterns, pivotal moments, and personal growth, thus aiding in your journey toward your goals and continued growth. The map we create for your future will allow you to recognize potential pitfalls, thus granting you the freedom to make informed and empowered choices at every turn.

Overcoming Obstacles

As the journey unfolds, obstacles are reframed as opportunities for transpersonal growth. Through intuitive guidance, you recognize challenges as gateways to deeper understanding.


We create a safe space to discuss potential limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Developing coping skills, like mindfulness and positive affirmations, helps you overcome self-doubt and fear, establish a resilience habit, and empower you to navigate the cyclical nature of your transformation.


Periodic reflections become touchpoints for recalibration, ensuring alignment with your transpersonal essence amidst the ebb and flow of challenges. 

Obstacles are but touchstones on our path. We will recognize them, offer our gratitude for their gift of wisdom, and transform them into fuel.

Unleashing Potential

Based on the principle of interconnectedness, I assist you in discovering your boundless potential. By exploring your inner wisdom, accessing your intuition, and utilizing your strengths, we can make significant progress in unleashing your potential and uncovering your innate gifts.


This process involves transformational practices that become sacred rituals, unlocking dormant potentials and aligning you with the cosmic flow. Our work together will promote present-moment awareness, an essential aspect of accessing inner wisdom and developing the habit of quieting your mind and listening to your inner voice.


You will learn to distinguish between intuition, fear-based thoughts, and external pressures, empowering you to make decisions aligned with your authentic self.

Reflect and Adapt

The coaching journey involves periodic reflection beyond just tracking linear progress. Through transpersonal introspection, you will observe the cyclical nature of your transformation. Regular reflections act as spiritual checkpoints.


Adaptation involves an intuitive alignment with your evolving soul's narrative. The cyclical nature of the coaching journey flexes and flows, mirroring the rhythms of your spiritual evolution.


In the process, you will enhance your emotional awareness and regulation, thus creating the conditions for cognitive restructuring, improved stress management, and adaptability.


As you continue on this transformative journey, emotional regulation and learning from setbacks become habits that will change you at your core.

New Beginnings

The journey reaches its peak by celebrating personal growth and accomplishments.


As you stand at the threshold of a new beginning, the echoes of your discovery call can be heard in the background. Your transition is a manifestation of your external work and a spiritual rebirth.


Through guided rituals and acknowledgments, you have emerged as the radiant being you are, ready to move into a new phase of life with a renewed sense of purpose.


This journey is cyclical in nature, inviting ongoing growth and new beginnings, perpetuating the transformative dance of the soul. You are now ready to venture into the world with a renewed sense of purpose and self.

The Science

In the kaleidoscope of personal growth and the pursuit of life harmony, our mindset coaching transcends the ordinary, weaving together a tapestry of scientifically grounded principles to guide you on a transformative journey. This multidimensional approach draws inspiration from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Logotherapy, Trauma-Informed Care, the Hierarchy of Needs, and Solution-Focused Approaches, forming the foundation of our SOJOURN model.

Each of these modalities contributes to the bedrock of our coaching philosophy, providing a holistic framework that guides individuals through the nuanced landscapes of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By integrating these evidence-based practices, our coaching endeavors illuminate the path toward self-discovery, resilience, and realizing one's full potential.


Within this framework, the SOJOURN model unfolds, inviting individuals to embark on a meaningful journey of personal growth and transformation, where the convergence of scientific principles and compassionate guidance serves as the compass for their pursuit of a harmonious and fulfilling life.

The Science
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