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Neidy Lozada

I empower marvelous women and a select group of extraordinary men to take inspired action, turn their visions into vibrant realities, and foster harmony across all aspects of their lives.

Neidy Lozada, MATP, ATCC, CSIC
Founder and CEO

Personal Coaching Programs

Whether you are embarking on this journey solo, craving one-on-one guidance, or seeking connection with like-minded souls, you have found a welcoming space in my practice.

Individual Programs

Individual Coaching

As we dive into our coaching engagement, I will support you as you navigate obstacles and unearth any patterns hindering your progress. 

Group Coaching

Through the power of our group dynamic, we will attentively listen to each member's unique goals, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual encouragement.

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Cara Keefer

Owner, Honey, Love, & Flour

Texas, USA

Neidy isn't just a coach, she's a miracle worker! I can honestly say if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be where I am today. Sure, she'd probably say I did all the work myself (which is kind of her), but there's no denying my life has completely changed since we started working together!  Let's just say, the old me hated homework. Like, hated it with a passion. But the assignments Neidy and I pick for me? I love them! And I find myself getting most, if not all, of them done – which is pretty funny considering "past-me's" track record. Neidy's influence goes way beyond completing tasks, though. She's helped me see the world in a whole new light. I am a completely different person, and for the better!


For seven years, I dreamt of opening a home bakery. It was just a "what if" for so long. But within four months of working with Neidy, I launched it on my 40th birthday! And it doesn't stop there. Every step I've taken to grow my business, I owe it all to Neidy's guidance and support. If you're looking to make positive changes, Neidy's your person. She'll help you transform, not just your to-do list, but your entire outlook on life. Trust me, you won't regret it!


Emily Hayward

Intuitive Healer

Sussex, United Kingdom

I felt encouraged the first time I met Neidy and we connected instantly. Possessing innate leadership skills, Neidy is a heart-centered coach with the gift of listening deeply, communicating clearly, and inspiring you toward your dreams and goals.


Her great maturity and integrity make it easy to trust her and feel supported and understood.


Neidy has helped me stop doubting myself and start trusting myself. What I love about her is the spiritual depth of her and the genuine goodness of her, her perfect balance between the divine masculine qualities of strategy and performance, and the divine feminine intuition and creativity of her. I highly recommend partnering with Neidy if you feel a calling in your heart and soul and want help transitioning in a new direction.


Jenny Tollinton

Spiritual Integration Coach

United Kingdom

Neidy is one excellent Transformational, Transpersonal, and Spiritual Integration Coach. Putting divine love and compassion at the core of everything she does leaves you feeling safe and understood. Sessions are powerfully led by the questions asked from her skillful listening in relation to what you want to achieve from your coaching goals.

I feel very comfortable in her presence to share my deepest emotions on all aspects of my ‘be-ing’ knowing that the answers within will surface for healing as we work together on accomplishing my goals.


Neidy’s warmth and caring demeanour are a gift to us all. Thank you, Neidy, for being the beautiful soul that you are.


Alan Le

Doctor in Nursing Practice

San Jose, CA, USA

Neidy’s ability to foster growth through leadership and coaching skills is exceptional. She supervised me in launching a start-up program with a skeleton crew in my first healthcare role, which was a massive undertaking. Through that, I had an opportunity to see her skills shine and be impacted by it.


Neidy can generate a vision and impart that vision to those around her while factoring in each individual’s vision for growth and needs as a person- overall facilitating progression in avenues for growth in both professional and personal ways that acknowledge real-world factors (e.g., individual personal circumstances, organization resources) and allowed growth through ambitious but practical means.

Elizabeth Sabet

Elizabeth Sabet

President of ITTC

Lubbock, TX, USA

I am so excited about your accomplishments, Neidy! Your dedication and deep self-awareness have shone brightly, significantly impacting your peer coaches!


I'd love to give your coaching skills a shoutout! You stand out for your empathetic listening, creating a safe and supportive space for clients to navigate their unique transformative journeys.


Your integrative approach seamlessly blends traditional coaching methodologies with transpersonal insights, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of your clients' diverse perspectives. I am confident that your passion for personal development, accomplishment, exceptional skills, and ethical approach will contribute to your client's success and accomplishments!


Jennifer Cumberbatch

Spiritual Integration Coach


Neidy is an outstanding transformational coach. She knows the precise way to steer a conversation to guide one to allow what their soul is truly saying/ wanting to come forward. I am truly grateful to Neidy as a fellow Latina woman in the business world and. a mother of two who wants to have it all. It is so important to have a coach like her to help guide my way in thinking  strategically about all aspects of my world without judgment.


One of the most important areas of growth  for me has been my constant consideration of how to align my heart with my head and understanding the only responsibility I have in each moment is to be or do whatever it is I am doing in that moment authentically. Neidy has a way to  make you feel at ease with whatever topics come forward and considering true  potentiality. Thank you Neidy for your gift of service.


Carmen Roman, Ph.D

CEO of Emotions in Harmony

San Jose, CA, USA

Neidy has coached me for almost a year now. During this time, she has been patient and has helped me articulate my mission, vision, and what I really want for my company and for myself. I highly recommend her coaching if you are ready and willing to make the changes you need to succeed. Her compassionate, caring, and thoughtful approach is very rare to find. She is a treasure in my life.

Jennifer T

Jennifer Thawley

Clinical Social Worker

Sacramento, , USA

Neidy is a natural leader who works well under pressure. She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and is a fantastic mentor. Her compelling presence in front of an audience is impressive as she spreads empowerment and strength within a team. I view Neidy as a valuable asset to any team she may be apart of. It would be a privilege to work with her again in the future.


Kendall McCullough

Spiritual Integration Student

Lubbock, TX, USA

Getting to know Neidy in my spiritual integration coaching class has been a privilege. During coaching sessions, Neidy has demonstrated deep presence, care, and gravity for her client's needs and goals.

Neidy's many years of experience and those pursuing her inner work have prepared her excellently to become a spiritual integration coach. In sessions,
She makes me feel safe, understood, and empowered to handle whatever life throws at me. She also asks excellent questions to help me understand myself better. I would recommend Neidy to everyone!
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