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Life harmony is the byproduct of a
clear vision,
value-driven goals, and inspired action. 

Hi, I am Neidy

Welcome to my page. I am delighted you found your way here!

Let's delve into what matters most to me. I'm a proud mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and dedicated caretaker of furry companions.

Next, let me introduce myself professionally. I am an adaptive integrative and spiritual integration coach, passionate about empowering remarkable women and a select group of exceptional men. My mission is to guide them in taking inspired action, manifesting their visions into vibrant realities, and cultivating harmony across every facet of their lives. I believe in identifying, addressing, and overcoming obstacles that hinder living vibrant, harmonious, and purposeful lives.

Additionally, I am the founder of the Spirited Entrepreneurs Empowerment Network (S.E.E.N.), a mastermind alliance uniting leaders in healing, coaching, and entrepreneurship worldwide. Through our work and alliance, we strive to support one another in achieving individual and collective aspirations.

All of this resulted from an unexpected turn of events that brought about a tumultuous period that challenged my health and livelihood. Amidst the chaos, I embarked on a journey of introspection, seeking solace and clarity. Through this process, I gained a newfound perspective on my past, present, and future, revealing insights beyond my conscious awareness, obscured by the relentless busyness of my former life.

Today, I leverage my education, experience, and passion for working with action-oriented individuals to help them harmonize all aspects of their lives.

Foto de la vista frontal de la reunión

Formally educated in business, transpersonal psychology, and transformational and spiritual integration coaching, I have devoted most of the last 20 years to serving San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organizations. I led behavioral health operations and programs throughout those years. I spearheaded contract acquisition and workforce development efforts while nurturing meaningful partnerships and fostering environments that valued team members and clients alike. Aside from my business, I serve on two boards of directors in the Bay Area.

I am a coach, leader, steward, and animal lover.


I facilitate your self-discovery, growth, and transformation through a dynamic partnership built on trust and mutual respect. 


I create a safe and nurturing space for you to explore your inner landscape, beliefs, and aspirations. I know and respect that you are the expert in your experience.


I inspire, guide, and empower individuals to recognize their potential, make meaningful choices, and lead themselves toward personal growth and fulfillment. 

Animal Lover

This connection symbolizes the interplay between inner and outer realms, where animals become sources of inspiration, wisdom, and reflection. 

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