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Holding Hands Up High

Group Coaching Programs

Community | Support | Growth

You have traversed the path alone and now recognize the call to embrace community. 

Perhaps you have already journeyed alongside me in individual coaching, now craving the camaraderie of kindred spirits on a similar path. 

Regardless of your motives, here you stand, seeking the comfort and challenge of shared experiences, daring to step into the vulnerability of being seen by others as you transcend perceived limitations.

Dear sojourner, the time has arrived. Welcome aboard!

Connection as a Byproduct of Group Coaching

In the dynamic realm of group coaching, the profound benefit of connection transcends mere interaction—it becomes a catalyst for transformative growth. Through shared experiences, participants forge deep connections that extend beyond the coaching sessions, blossoming into meaningful relationships built on trust, empathy, and shared aspirations. 

Groups and Workshops

Embark on a transformative journey alongside fellow seekers in my group coaching programs. 

In our global tribe, we celebrate victories, conquer obstacles, and forge lasting connections, creating a network of empowerment that extends far beyond our sessions. Whether you are pursuing personal development, striving for specific goals, or simply seeking connection, our group coaching and workshops offer an enriching and transformative experience that empowers you to thrive.

Praying Hands

Benefits of Group Coaching

Diverse Perspectives

Provides access to diverse perspectives and experiences.

Shared Support

Provides collective support and encouragement.

Increased Accountability

You are not only accountable to yourself, but also to the group.


It is a cost-effective option compared to individual coaching.

Accelerated Growth

Shared learning and support help accelerate your progress.

The power of connection ignites inspiration, fuels motivation, and fosters a sense of belonging, empowering individuals to reach new heights and unlock their fullest potential together.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey—unveiling new layers of love, harnessing untapped power, and embracing your purpose?

Reach out, fellow sojourner.

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